It’s never too late to be part of something amazing. At Maybridge, we have a fabulous, dedicated team to look after our seniors, and make sure they’re a valued and thriving part of the church community.

Parish Nursing

Our Parish Nurse provides free support to local people, whatever your age, circumstances, background, gender, sexuality or faith. Working closely with the local health service, our Parish Nurse can help you make sense of medical information and give you health assessments and advice. Parish Nursing also covers advocacy, befriending, carer support and practical help in times of illness and stress. And because Parish Nursing is all about whole-person healthcare, our Parish Nurse can offer help with your spiritual needs, such as prayer, home communion and just being someone to listen.

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Meet Julie

Julie Ward has been the Parish Nurse for Maybridge Community Church since 2015, following a decade as a Registered Nurse and Health Advisor.

Julie explains, “In 2014, I felt I should leave my job as an NHS Health Advisor to find a way to meet the needs of our community in a more holistic way. Parish Nursing fit the bill perfectly.” Julie is there for people at some of the hardest moments of their lives; bereavement, diagnosis and hardship. She and her team can give time and care beyond what the NHS can provide. Thanks to her work as a Parish Nurse, Julie won the regional award for NHS Volunteer of the Year Award in 2019.

Julie is also responsible for our seniors groups and activities, so if anything on this page has piqued your interest she’s the lady to speak to! You can chat to her at 07496 116226 or

Our adult safeguarding policy can be read here.