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Vision and Values

If you want to know who we are and what we’re all about, our vision and values are a great place to start.

Our Vision

To see more and more people encountering Jesus, finding a place of belonging in a loving and thriving church and discovering where they fit into God’s plan to change the world.

Our Values

LOVE – God is love, and as His followers, we want to imitate Jesus and be sacrificial in the way we love one another.

FAITHFULNESS – We want to be faithful to God and what he tells us through the Bible. We want to faithfully commit to serving one another and our community because we know that God is faithful to us.

TRUTH – Because we believe that truth sets us free, we want our relationships to be defined by honesty and transparency.

HUMILITY – We want to be a community of people who feel safe acknowledging their flaws and weaknesses, knowing none of us are perfect but that we find acceptance in Jesus.