Maybridge Community Church meets at three different times, across two locations, each Sunday. You’re welcome to attend any of our services. Most people end up committing to one of them in the long-term, but it’s worth trying them all out to see where you feel most at home.

Breakfast Church

77 The Strand, BN12 6DR

An informal, café-style church with discussion around the table over breakfast. There is a group for children most weeks, or they stay in the service with the grown ups.

The 10:30

Chatsmore High School, BN12 5AF

A bigger service with something for everyone. There is a crèche and groups for children up to 14. Occasionally we run an ‘all age’ service to bring the whole church family together.

The Six

77 The Strand, BN12 6DR

A vibrant and youth-friendly service that has a varied format, but usually refreshments are served at 6pm before the service begins at 6:15. Amplify, our older youth group (15-18), meets after the service for their own activities.

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