Our 11am Morning Service now begins with refreshments at 10:30am

Meet the team


Matt Walmsley

Senior Minister

Matt is responsible for supporting people across the church as they journey in faith.

Phil Coram

Operations Director

Phil oversees strategy, processes, plans and legalities. Together with the Trustees, he ensures that Maybridge is stewarding its resources and running well.

Ruth Stanley

Children and Families Worker

Ruth and her teams provide clubs and teaching for kids on Sundays and in the week as well as working to support families in the area with parenting classes, groups and mentoring.

Andy Evans

Youth Worker

Andy is all about the Youth. He and his Elevate and Amplify teams mentor, teach and run activities for young people aged 11-19.

Piero Regnante

Discipleship Development Leader

Piero helps us build a culture that makes disciples – supporting people to grow in their faith journey. He oversees our Alpha Course and Partnership Groups.

Gay Jacklin

Church and Community Worker

Gay is responsible for our ‘on team’ initiative, working with our volunteers and teams. She also heads up Worthing 4 Refugees – an organisation that supports families devastated by the conflict in the Middle East.

Jo Walraven

Community Hub Team Leader

Jo is responsible for the planning, organization and implementation of a community hub. She will be working with church partners and other interested agencies so that together we can have an impact in helping those who live in the local area. She oversees our Bags of Hope Café, helping families who could use extra food and support over the school holidays.

Judy Keen

Finance and Buildings Administrator

Judy manages the financial administrative processes of the church, deal with routine building issues and provide administrative support.

Becca Schmeer

Communications and Worship Leader

Becca is developing our communications and sung worship to encourage our community and church family to grow as disciples of Jesus.


Julie Ward

Duncan Slaney

Antoinette Daniel

Ros Satchell


The Role of the Trustees

Trustees are individuals who share fundamental responsibility together for governing and guiding the management and running of the church as a charity. Therefore, Trustees will need to be aware of the provisions of the governing document (Constitution of a Charitable Incorporated Organisation), particularly concerning the powers in relation to the Objects of the Charity. Trustees will need to make sure that they act in accordance with these specific powers and only exercise the powers for the purpose for which they were given.

The Charity Commission sets out six main duties for Trustees:

  1. Ensuring the charity is carrying out its purposes for the public benefit;
  2. Complying with the charity’s governing document and the law;
  3. Acting in your charity’s best interests;
  4. Managing your charity’s resources responsibly;
  5. Acting with reasonable care and skill;
  6. Ensuring your charity is accountable.

The Role of The Elders

The Elders role at Maybridge Community Church is to act as guardians of the partnership, discerning and overseeing the spiritual direction of the whole church community.

1. Guardians of the church includes:

  • Setting an example
  • Providing pastoral care and support for partners
  • Teaching
  • Protecting the church from false teaching

2. Discerning includes:

  • Trying to understand what God is saying to us about the present and the future
  •  Being sensitive to the spiritual health and wellbeing of the church
  • Understanding the season & context we are in and helping us respond wisely
  • Teasing out the root issues we face

3. Overseeing includes

  • Helping the Senior Minister develop vision and direction
  • Providing support, challenge and a sounding board to the Senior Minister
  • Undertaking the performance management review of the Senior Minister
  • Evaluating whether we are aligned to our purpose, vision and values
  • Exercising church discipline when necessary