Our 11am Morning Service now begins with refreshments at 10:30am

Bex Micaiah

Throughout my faith journey, I have attended a number of churches; however nothing has quite compared to the sense of love and community I have felt here at Maybridge Community Church.

There is a definite “come as you are” feel. It can be quite daunting walking into a new church, yet the welcome team made me feel so at ease. I just knew that I was loved from the moment I stepped foot into Maybridge.

The church community is simply wonderful, Maybridge has shared in my highs and lows, with absolutely no judgement. The amazing prayer team have also been a huge blessing to me.

I belong to a fantatstic Partnership Group, where we meet weekly to learn more about God, pray into one another’s lives and share in our walk with Him together – a small group of people who were originally strangers to me, but now people that I call great friends of mine and incredible witnesses of God.

I am currently looking into various ministries and on team opportunities within the church and am excited to help Maybridge Community Church support local projects in the future whilst seeing what God has in store for us all.