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About Us

There are lots of churches in Worthing, so what is Maybridge Community Church like?  We are an all-age local church made up of people from a wide spectrum of life.  We want to connect faith and life and find out what it means to follow the life, teachings and message of Jesus - right here in Worthing, and wherever we are.  We're pretty relaxed in our meetings on a Sunday but serious about living out the Christian life.  Our church is so much more than Sundays - we do lots during the week and like other churches in Worthing get involved in things in the town and the wider world.  Use the links to find out more - or the best way is to come along!  You'll be very welcome.

Maybridge Community Church is a registered charity (No. 1134489) and is linked with the Evangelical Alliance UK. We are involved with other Worthing churches as part of the wider Christian community in the town.