Local Community

As a community church you'd expect us to be passionate about community - and we are!

In our local community of Worthing, and especially the Maybridge area, we're involved in a host of activities, projects and one-to-one support. Volunteering is a key part of community life at Maybridge. We have lots of ways to help you use your talents and gifts, develop new skills and take on fulfilling roles in serving others.

It's not just about the streets around us. As a church we have a global perspective and a particular focus on some key organisations we partner with who deliver poverty relief, equip communities in need and share the good news about Jesus. Some of these organisations are big and work in many continents (such as Tearfund) and others are small but make a great impact in one place (Emmanuel Ministries working in the slums in Kolkata, India). It's our privilege to be part of this wider work in God's world.