Partnership groups
Partnership Groups 

Once you've made the decision to make Maybridge Community Church your spiritual home, we invite you to become a Partner.  Partnership is our way of saying that we understand our lives as a partnership with God and his people, to see his Kingdom come on earth.  We invite all Partners to join one of our small groups, called Partnership Groups, which meet mostly in people’s homes at varying times during the week for prayer, study, fun, sharing and accountability.
If you're not yet a Partner but are interested in becoming one, each term we run a six week evening group called ‘The Big Small Group’ to tell you everything you need to know about everything that matters at Maybridge Community Church!  If you'd like to come along, please sign up on our Big Small Group page by clicking here

If you are already a Partner and would like to join a Partnership Group, please complete the below details and someone will be in touch with you shortly...

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