Masterpiece with Frame 
Someone a lot wiser than us once said ‘There is no knowledge of God without knowledge of self.’ What they meant was that the more we discover whose we are the more we discover who we are.
So, one of our dreams for partners at Maybridge is everyone knowing who God made them to be; how he has wired us up. We want to see everyone actively deployed and genuinely fulfilled in their unique place of partnership with God, being who He made them to be and seeing His kingdom come and will done in the process.
The big question the three of us have been asking is how do we help people get to that place? We have been doing lots of research, talking to churches, reading books and we have decided to trial some material this year with a view to it becoming one of our key learning communities in the future.
The kind of questions we are trying to answer are:
How do I best worship God with the gifts and abilities I have?
What situations am I likely to thrive in?
Which ones will be a car crash?
When do I just need to get over myself and serve?! 

If that’s what you are thinking about, we would like to invite you to come and be a guinea pig with us for eight weeks. We are looking for some brave individuals who will help us trial some material and evaluate how useful it is – oh and we promise to try and make it fun as well as stretching and informative.
Andy, Bekah and Matt

Starting on Thursday 8th June and finishing on Thursday 27th July.
7:45pm - 9:15pm
Maybridge Community Church, 77 The Strand, BN12 6DR.

Sign-up here: